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This is my mom blog. I have a great agenda for the end of April and all through May. Check out some of the ideas I have and feel free to add your own ideas. Just let me know what YOU would like to know about. I’ve been reviewing beauty supplies, children’s toys, websites, and apps, as well as finding ways for us mommies and daddies to get some alone time in, weather it be to exercise, organize, meditation, or even some romance. These are things I’ll be touching on throughout the next month and a half.
And NO I did not forget organizing tips, tricks, ideas, and the importance of spring cleaning. I’d like to make it a check-list type thing for yall though. Do it on your own time but put down things that need done first in order to make it easier and faster.
My daughter, boyfriend and I still make arts and crafts like crazy, last weekend was not just Chris Senior’s 30th BIRTHDAY!!!, but the kids and I made him a hat wrack out of an old dresser drawer front, spray paint, and hooks. So, I’ll be posting ideas for crafting, remodeling your home, and other fun things as well.
Finally, we eat dinner every-night. Yes we are busy, but with six to 8 people around, I have become (not PERFECT), better at making meals that not only the children LOVE, but also gives them the veggies they don’t like. So, on there I started a blog about food. Just started this blog to go with my other one since this blog seems to touch on so much already. Lets see how it goes. I’d like ya’ll to share recipies as well as your own tips on how you get your kids to eat healthily-but more importantly happily, So chime in there anytime too.
HERE IS MY LINK TO THE FOOD BLOG. Its boring yet~to me~ as I just started it. But tonights dinner will be on there at some point because Its something new that I made up that my family loves. I don’t have the heart to say I WAS LAZY AND THREW A BUNCH OF DINNER-LIKE CRAP IN A CAKE PAN, AND YOU EAT IT.

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